Taking on Pressure Washing as a Career

Taking on Pressure Washing as a Career

One of the primary uses of pressure washers is car washing. You can pressure wash your car by yourself or hire a professional pressure washing expert. This post discusses pressure washing as a profession.

What are the roles of a professional pressure washer?

As the title suggests, pressure washers provide professional pressure washing services. They work with high-powered pressure washers to deliver optimal cleaning service. Organizations or individuals usually hire pressure washers to handle complex cleaning duties. They mostly work on stubborn stains and dirt surfaces like grime, debris, and gum.

What does it take to become a professional pressure washer?

To become a professional pressure washing service provider, you first need to own a power washer. Having a regular or cheap power washer would not do the trick. More often than not, you individuals and organizations only hire professional pressure washers to handle complex jobs that they cannot do by themselves. Such jobs often need high-powered machines. Therefore, you need a powerful pressure washer to become a professional service provider.

Apart from the machine, it would be best if you also had various attachments. Pressure washer attachments allow you to tackle various types of jobs. For instance, to reach specific cleaning angles, you need unique attachments. Therefore, it would be wise to have a wide range of attachments that you can apply, depending on the type of job you get.

Additionally, it would help if you had ample understanding of the mechanics and workings of a pressure washer. These machines come with several complex components that work together to achieve hard cleaning goals. As a professional pressure washing service provider, you need to know how the components work and their specific functions. This knowledge will help you understand how to adjust the components depending on the task at hand. For instance, you may need to adjust the water pressure for specific tasks and change some components.

To become a professional pressure washer, you also need insight into common pressure washer problems. This will help you resolve issues with your machine instead of paying for repairs. It will also help you develop strategies for keeping the problems from occurring. For instance, knowledge of common pressure washer nozzle problems will help you avoid them or resolve them when they occur.

Furthermore, you also need to understand how to use the machine for various applications. For instance, it would be wise to understand how to angle the machines for various tasks, how and where to stand, and prevent injuries and damage. The last thing you want is getting injured on the job or damaging your employers' belongings as you work.

Finally, you would also benefit from having at least a year of experience with the equipment before pursuing pressure washing as a career. This will increase your chances of getting work and reduce the risks of working with powerful and sometimes dangerous machines.


Working as a professional pressure washer is a lucrative job. Therefore, you can take it up as a full-time or part-time career. However, regardless of how you take it, you need to meet the requirements above.