Mistakes You Should Avoid Using Power Washer

Mistakes You Should Avoid Using Power Washer

While looking at the pressure washer's guides, you might find it a little dangerous at some points. However, one thing you should never forget is that the danger didn't associate with the equipment but with the user. So, being a pressure washer user, if you avoid certain things, it will be more like a friend or helper for you than a danger.

Suppose you are unaware of the facts and mistakes that people made while using the pressure washer, then worry not. Cause here we are giving you a detailed list of those slipups that you should stay away from forever. Make sure to read till the end!

Mistake # 1: Things You Shouldn’t Pressure Wash

The purpose of this point is not to limit the use of pressure washers but to keep the fragile and pressure-washing sensitive things safe from damage. There are many things that you should never pressure wash, and a few a listed here;

  • Flimsy glass windows
  • Gutter
  • Lead paint
  • Air conditioner units
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Electricity board or panel
  • Living things (animals or human beings)
  • Vehicles
  • Old mortar

Mistake # 2: Don’t Go With the “One Setting All Surfaces” Rule

While using the pressure washer at home, perform only the planned task according to which you set all your measurements. If you randomly play with the washer, the high pressure might damage the delicate objects.

Mistake # 3: Don’t Use Hot Water Everywhere

One mistake that people usually repeat many times is using hot water for all applications. Hot water is not preferable for all the households as the higher pressure can damage or fade the interior or furniture color. Hot water is mostly recommended for oil & grease removal at the industrial level. Reading the online guide about What You Need to Know Before Buying the pressure washer for household applications would surely benefit you.

Mistake # 4: Don’t Go For Shorts and No PPE

One sure thing about a pressure washer is that there will be mud or water splashes over long-distance. So, you'll get wet or dirty for sure. That is why professionals recommend wearing boots with a waterproof suit and other protective equipment. So, don't work with flip-flops and casual shoes.

Mistake # 5: Don’t Place the First Water Blast Directly on Surface

No matter at which PSI you set your washer, do not ever direct the water blast on the car or other surface you will wash. You should first test the water pressure on a side or one part and after assuring that the pressure level is safe, Wash the surface.

Mistake # 6: Don’t Try Watering the Baby Plants with a Pressure Washer

The baby plants are very fragile to the huge pressure and force. If you direct the water pressure on them for watering, they might die. So, even if you use the pressure washer in the garden to wash something, make sure not to water the plants directly.

Mistake # 7: Don’t Go With Loose Handed

You might find it fun to use the pressure washer in videos or pictures, but it's not. Pressure washer use is quite energy-demanding; thus, don't hold it with easy hands.

Try not to repeat the same mistakes while using the pressure washer.